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About Us, Mike Norenberg

Mike Norenberg

Maintenance Manager

Mike Norenberg, a former U.S. National Guardsman, brings over 25 years of expertise to Centurion. With a background deeply rooted in solution-based sales, relationship building, construction and account management, Mike excels in addressing clients’ needs and driving profitability and growth. His extensive experience in Business Management, Sales, Marketing and Management has forged a robust foundation, making him an indispensable asset to the Centurion team.

Known for his unwavering integrity, honesty, and insatiable appetite for understanding the inner workings of projects, Mike consistently strives to discover more efficient and effective ways of accomplishing tasks. At Centurion and in his broader professional pursuits, Mike is committed to delivering results that not only meet but exceed client expectations. His dedication to excellence and passion for continuous improvement make him an exemplary member of our team and a driving force in our mission to provide exceptional service