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Our construction management service is a comprehensive approach that puts Centurion at the heart of your project. From start to finish, we are your collaborative partner for every phase of the process. Our team of professionals work side-by-side with you to oversee and navigate all of the decisions and tasks required for a successful build. This all-inclusive management approach brings better overall value and accountability to the project than the more traditional siloed design-bid-build model.

Centurion Construction
Centurion Construction


• Establishment of project scope and parameters

• Development of a comprehensive budget

• Development of management plan for communications and approvals

• Detailed review of all drawings and specifications

• Coordination of design and budget

• Assistance with obtaining all regulatory approvals

• Coordinated review of project delivery options

• Management of the subcontractor bidding and selection process

• Preparation of a comprehensive analysis of subcontractor’s scope of work

• Routine meetings and discussions

• Creation and distribution of project reports

• Single point of contact for communications and information

Comprehensive Scheduling

• Creation and management of master project schedule

• Guidance and leadership for construction team to achieve project milestones

• Scheduling and management of required inspections and approvals

• Management of project budget throughout build

• Creation and distribution of cost analysis reports