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JCW Creative — Baton Rouge, LA


General Contracting

At Centurion, we were deeply involved in JCW Creative’s strategic move to their new office at 2623 Government Street from the very beginning. Before JCW even purchased the building, they enlisted our expertise to ensure that their investment was financially sound and suited to their expanding operational needs. Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with JCW, from initial budget assessments to handling unexpected challenges during demolition. Our proactive approach in weekly meetings and consistent communication ensured that every decision was aligned with JCW’s vision and budget. This partnership highlighted our commitment to delivering tailored solutions and working as an integral part of our client’s team, ensuring the renovation exceeded their expectations while aligning with the future goals of their organization.

Centurion was crucial in transforming our new office space. Their expertise and seamless communication made them invaluable partners throughout the renovation process.

JOHN WILLIAMS | CEO and Strategist, JCW Creative