Sigma Engineers & Constructors

Working with the leaders at Sigma Engineers & Constructors was a rewarding experience for everyone involved. With decades of work in the industry, we knew Sigma was invested in all the small details, and we were excited to accept that challenge as the general contractor. From the metal stud walls to the engineered roof trusses, we created a modern interior that worked perfectly with the existing architecture and other recent additions.

Sigma Engineers & Constructors
Engineering Consulting Company – baton rouge, la
General Contractor
Delivery Method: Design, Bid, Build

“I was impressed by Centurion’s abilities. They listened. I feel like I’ve gained some friends with the superintendents, they were a joy to work with. You can tell Centurion has a really cool culture that empowers their people, and that’s not common.”

ROBBIE OLIVIER | CEO of Sigma Engineering & Constructors