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About Us, Derek Fitch

Derek Fitch

Senior Vice President of Development

Derek Fitch brings a vast wealth of experience and expertise to the construction industry, with a career that spans over two decades. Derek holds a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Development and has excelled in various domains, including project management, real estate development, tax incentive financing, negotiations and acquisitions. In his role as Senior Vice President of Development at Centurion, Derek stands as a trusted advisor to developers, demonstrating an extraordinary ability to navigate the ever-changing business landscape, lead and inspire teams and cultivate enduring relationships. 

Beyond his professional achievements and accolades, Derek is actively engaged with his community, contributing his expertise to professional associations and civic organizations. His commitment is further evident through his involvement with the Council on Development Financing Agencies, where he continues to stay at the forefront of innovative financing and incentive strategies.

"As a trusted advisor, our core values are
important foundational elements to gain our
clients' trust."